Dhun Ustad Bismillah Khan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jugalbandhi.

Albums: Best Of Bismillah Khan & Rais Khan.

Singers: Ustad Bismillah Khan.

Released : 01 Apr, 2016

Duration : 16:37 min

Downloads : 2.49 million

No words this great man

Angrejo ne koinur hira k sihasan le gye lekin asli hira to aaj bhi mere des me Bismillah Khan jais hira hai , i love my India

6:50 dont get it offensive, but I can play it better. 😇


Ustad sahab allaha ap ko jannat ata farmae

sar aap india k shaan hai

Ustad Bismillah Khan was a blessing on this world.

awesome speechless

I played it in my shop ,and whole market beaten me for this torturing

The great musician ustad Bismilla khan we love you in our heart.you are the great son of my mother India

Dislikers must be foreigners...


Salaam walacum

He may have died poor but he had the richest smile

He (Pandit ALLAUDDIN KHAN) COULD PLAY AND HAS played over 200 instruments!!!!! And He was the father of sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan and Annapurna Devi, and the uncle of Raja Hossain Khan, as well as the guru of Ravi Shankar, Nikhil Banerjee, Vasant Rai, Pannalal Ghosh, Bahadur Khan, Rabin Ghosh, Sharan Rani, Jotin Bhattacharya, Rajesh Chandra Moitra, W.D. Amaradeva, and other influential musicians. He himself was a disciple of many great musicians, including Gopal Chandra Banerjee, Lobo, Munne Khan, and most importantly after a lot of struggle managed to become a shagird (disciple) of the legendary Veena player, Wazir Khan.For those who don't know this legend! Please

I wish I really understood this music. Heard so much about the legend, but sadly, just can't comprehend the richness.

1k dislikes from yo yo fan club


Att a ji

shehnai master

Grand salute to him ....

Great soul and smile like diamond. Respect. Please don't dislike it. R u from any religion no matter, u understanding or not no matter but feel the heart touching tune

Bohut khob.....

Greatttt INDIAN...!!

Very nice sir ji

So nice

Great MusicPeace and love to India from Algeria

Incredible.... countless likes

yaar ye to kahi bhi maiyat ka mahol la dega jai ho


Great men of INDIA.I love shehnai..I enjoyed shehnai first tym on my Marathi wedding in pune.

Ustad Bismillah Khan was one of greatest legant in world music

Khoobsoorat.From Pakistan


Get mesmerized with the Indian Classical tunes.. Ustad. Bhismilha Khan a legend..Playing with so ease & the tune immediately making positive vibes and auspicious feeling.. full of positive energy.. Proud of Indian Classical Music. Salute to all the Masters.

Unbelievable.. Master with huge simplicity

For any artiste....art is the region ...art is religion...art is the language... 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐You great masters..lived..and will stay in the hearts and minds of good people ever in the world...👍,🙏🙏🙏

I could feel my awareness towards the core. It's amazing.


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Film Industry woh sala bhadwa auraton ka dalal bhansali apni veshya maa ka dalali karta hai

The Best Sufi Drum Beats from PakistanClick on

Film industry should make a film on ustad bissmilla khan

Very nice

Jai. Hind


Dislike jis ne bhi kiya hai woh please Pakistan bhaag jaay. Ae Indian classical music hai.


Always respect ..salute you .from nepal ...really heart touching

Dukh hota jb itne bade logo k bachhe unki sahnaai bech dete h...

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Dhun by Ustad Bismillah Khan full Video

Dhun Ustad Bismillah Khan Album Mp3 Song.Dhun song belongs to Jugalbandhi, Dhun by Ustad Bismillah Khan, Dhun available To free download ,Download Ustad Bismillah Khan Dhun Mp3 Song. Dhun Jugalbandhi released on 2017-08-03 06:54:12. Ustad Bismillah Khan and V G Jog Raga Jaijaiwanti Teen Taal Captivating Shehnai Sheer brilliance of Indian Classical Music Link to the documentary on Ustad Bismillah Khan Meeting. USTAD BISMILLAH KHAN PARTY at THE QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL LONDON NOV 1993 A video extract from his Concert presented by Sama Arts Network and Navras Records The Guest of Honour at the Concert. Late maestro of Shanai play raag malkauns with party. One of the finest piece of music I have heard I wonder if there will be another shenai mastreo like Ustad Bismillah khan. Ustad Bismillah Khan Party. Presenting this melodious Indian classical song instrumental performed on Shehnai by astonishing artist Ustad Bismillah Khan The album name is Immortal Series Shehnai Samrat Ustad Bismillah. For listening pleasure only Copyright violation or infringement of any kind is NOT meant or intended 1 DHUN RAGHUPATI RAGHAVA RAJA RAM Composed by Pandit V D Paluskar 1872 1931. Epic Duet Amjad Ali Khan and Bismillah Khan Dhun with Raga Mala Samar Saha on Tabla Recoded Live on December 23 2003 Science City Kolkata Subscribe Link. Presenting this melodious Indian classical song instrumental performed on Shehnai by astonishing artist Ustad Bismillah Khan The album name is...