First We Pray Nate Dogg mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: G Funk Mix.

Singers: Nate Dogg.

Released : 05 May, 2009

Duration : 04:08 min

Downloads : 621.79K

CLAIRE ST LOCOS CIRCA 2007 IN THE 818 VALLEY...this is a song that was played in the hood back in the days and it feels like it was yesterday when I hear this today

First we pray!

R.I.P. Nate DOGG

a gangsta classic that can't be touched


the prodigal son of the 213.....

God, we will give you every rapper from 2k11-2k17 in exchange for Nate. He king of the hook and king of G-Funk, that's better than anything these days, c'mon.

2017 nothings changed

He was my brothaaaaaa

r.i.p. johnnny!!!!!

if Snoop is the Dogg Father .... Nate is the Preacher!


2017 ... and First we Pray, Then we Ride !

g g g g gg funk <3 for life !!! find some nice place , smoke some little og ksh hear some little of tha ghetto preacher gfunk and u will relax ur ass to the tighty assd beat

After intro: 0:21



Kids won't understand this one here. The older the better. I Miss Nate Dogg😭🙌🙌🤑🤑

R.I.P. Nate Dogg.First we pray, then we riiiiiiide!

Go kill us a couple of niggas mang......

Bang on me n phily 😂😂😂💥💥💥 having a drinky

Y'all Heard Wat Nate Dogg Sed ""First Ya Pray"" Then Ya Ride On A Muthafucka......Seek Game

This rolas never get old

Just Wow, Perfect !♡

6 years... Rest in Peace OG.

2017 and still listening, good songs never die! I'll be bumping this in 2067


R.I.P Nate Dogg ... Legends Never Die


Still bumpin this

rip Big Natedpg classic shitmad respect from Greece!




All day we never forget about the one and only Nate Dogg . Appreciate every human being 😎

R.I.P nate dogg :'(

Legends never die will be bumping this in 2050!

I was bumping this with my headphones on in class. Some kid told me that what I was listening to was garbage...😐 I hate some people sooo much smh haha

Come on why doesn't g funk still exist

the finest... may his soul rest in peace.. G-Funk and westcoast gangsta rap is considered to be part of the golden age of hip hop during the late 80's & early 90's... this age was more than music, it was a movement that sent shockwaves to a global audience revolutionizing the hip hop culture as we know it today...

stilll bumping this shit in 2016 ...

all doggs go to heaven! i miss him.......

This is some smooth gangsta shiiit funk at it's best

r.i.p nate dogg gone but still in our mind and heart till we See US again u have dat vice of rap dat no one have and dats cool much Respect u Support all this other rapper dat Make big money but all know ur the Best, the underratest rap King, luv big nd;)

R.I.P muthafucking nate dogg

still jammin at the end of 2015. nothing like nate dogg. g-funk is pure gold, nothing is finer... how can this not instantly put you on point?

most slept on artist ever!

I see lots of 2pac wanna be's😂😭

Besssttt trackkkk your golden voiceeee best mann R.i.P Nateeee

H13L ta Nat

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First We Pray Lyrics

Black people dont have no, no where to go
You know, all we got to do is kick it
We gonna kick it in our hood, you know
What we gonna do, we might
We might go kill a couple of niggas mane
You know, go in they hood and do a drive-by
Then come back in the hood and laugh about that stuff
You know, its just a thing
Only how you really gonna get deep into it
Is when one of your friends die
Just like when my partners died
(we got some problems)
How do we solve our problems?

First we pray, then we ride
First we pray, then we ride

[Verse 1: Nate Dogg]
He was my brother
Loved him like no other
To top it off
I introduced him to this game
I knew his mother
Loved her like my mother
A part of me is gone
Why’d you take my brother home

(What're ya gonna do)
When the trials come
(Are ya gonna run?)
Are you gonna run?
(What're ya gonna do)
First I'm gonna pray
(Are ya gonna run?)
You muthafuckin' right

First we pray, then we ride
First we pray, then we ride

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
I ain't got nothin' but love for you Locs and hogs
And I ain't got nothin' but love for my muthafuckin' dogs
In the mist of the war zone, its on on site
Daylight tonight the heat held close and tight
Beware here I come with the DPG on my chest
Heat gonna spit like Elliot Ness
In the darkest zone you feel alone and on your own
And after I bust, niggas call me Kurupt Corleone
All I'm about is money, loot and cash
Homies in the DPG Nate, Snoop and Daz
Now with these emotions how you approach yourself
Knowin' you all about your wealth and as it is to health
First I pray, get my thoughts intact
Ask for forgiveness cause I'm bout to lay this nigga flat
Can you adapt, can you feel me, I doubt it
Cause the closest you see it, is when niggas write about it
I can't live without it and it ain't shit I could do
But stay down with the homeys in grey and blue
So just keep the heat close in hand
Cause I done see niggas get shit while they homeboys ran

[Verse 3: Nate Dogg]
Heavenly father shine your light on me
I know I promise to slow down on this weed
Seems I remember someone used to say
One life gets taken, if you take one life away

(What're ya gonna do)
When the trials come
(Are ya gonna run?)
Are you gonna run?
(What're ya gonna do?)
First I'm gonna pray
(Are ya gonna run?)
You muthafuckin' right

[Hook x2]
First we pray, then we ride
First we pray, then we ride

First We Pray by Nate Dogg full Video

First We Pray Nate Dogg Album Mp3 Song.First We Pray song belongs to R And B, First We Pray by Nate Dogg, First We Pray available To free download ,Download Nate Dogg First We Pray Mp3 Song. First We Pray R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14.Scared Of Love d cima m sica do CD Ghetto Preacher do Nate Nessa m sica Nate conta com a participa o de Butch Cassidy G Funk Classics Vols 1 2 1998 Vol 1 Ghetto Preacher. Test Video. Super tema de Nate Dogg para mi 3 aportaci n a este especial junto a Kurupt espero que os guste tanto como a mi Saludos Alguna pregunta o sugerencia. Artist Nate Dogg Song First We Pray Track 05 Album Ghetto Preacher 1999. Nate Dogg Feat Kurupt Isaac Reese First We Pray We d like to commemorate Nate Dogg on the anniversary of his passing Special upload for you to once again enjoy that G Funk era. Crazy Dangerous sexta m sica do CD Ghetto Preacher Vol 1 G Funk Classics Nessa m sica Nate mostra que sua voz mesmo incomp ravel e que vai fazer falta G Funk Classics Vols. Friends nona m sica do CD The Prodigal Son do Nate Nessa m sica ele conta com a participa o de Warren G e de Snoop Dogg Assim formando o 213 G Funk Classics Vols 1 2 1998. Music to ride on these fools to. R I P Nathaniel Dwayne Nate Dogg Hale Nate Dogg First We Pray Track 4 From The Album G Funk Classics Volume 1 2 CD1 Breakaway Deathrow Records.

First We Pray uma das faixas do lbum de estreia do grande artista de Hip Hop Nate Dogg G Funk Classics Vols 1 2 Em First We Pray ...