G Funk Nate Dogg mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: G Funk Mix.

Singers: Nate Dogg.

Released : 25 Apr, 2009

Duration : 04:41 min

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Like my OG Lil Boosie said.. and I quote. I feel like Tony the world is mine he said I most give glory to God first.. but it's hard to keep a good nigga down.. so to my OG I give glory to God. Because u were a real OG..

One of the baddest MF to ever make his own original style. I miss you Nate Dogg!. RIP Homey!

Kiiiiiing of G Funkkkkkkk ..... R.I.P Nate Dogg <3

Still flames

Happy C Day King

Man I'm flyin atm

Still jamming this in 2017

Awesome !

Awesome song 😎

bumping in 2017 real never dies!!

Yeah it's mad

never ever gonna be anyone close not uncle Nate



best nate dogg album

thank you Warren, King of hooks Rip...

R.I.P Nate Dogg. tune sets me back to when hiphop was real.

g fuck keep tht shit real

real G shit fuck future n lil wayne yung thug and Migos especially that pussy vato.. lord famous n 3 6 mafia only G shit

The King of G-Funk, The one and only. #RIP King of Hooks🎤🔊

strg8 fags to the dislikes...this iz KLASSIK!!

3 pussy niggas dislike this shit!

awesome song; even better album

Nate Dogg was the best g-funk singer ever

i love this song!!!

album is better than all the mainstream songs he did hooks on.


"Copy machines can't copy platinum"

this is my shit.


Waar denk je aan?

nice beat

First music in my first car.


oh my fucking god this song is so good. white boy here and i don't give a fuck!

R.I.P Nate Dogg!! Lotta love from Norway....Peace



R.I.P Big Nate Dogg!! The One and only!!! <3

niceee ..:")))

when he hit that maaaaaaaaap note.. shit just rides so smooth!! this dude is amazing!



one of my fav

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G Funk Lyrics

G is for the gang of money I make
F is for the gang of fools I break
U is for the undisputed champ
N is cause you never gonna get the mic back
K is for the niggas that I knock on they back
Damn is feels good to see Long Beach on the map
Till the day I'm dead I'm gonna keep that shit real
Now you niggas know G-Funk's for real

[Verse 1]
To those people who don't believe in G-funk
Tried to take my style and make a quick buck
Here's a message to one and all
Your pass is revoked
Now I'm havin' a ball
Any questions come and see me
The king of G-Funk the one and only
Congratulations you sound like Nate
You took my old hook
And got me paid


Some people are nothin' but clones
Some people have styles of their owm
Some people are copycats
These people can't get the mic back
Can you feel me one-hitter quitters
You can't copy me - I'm one in a million
Call any expert and you can ask him
Copy machines can't copy platinum


When you feel like some cavy G-Funk
You need some music to bump in your trunk
I got a baseline, a gangsta tune
Put on the classics and your head will be movin' soon


G Funk by Nate Dogg full Video

G Funk Nate Dogg Album Mp3 Song.G Funk song belongs to R And B, G Funk by Nate Dogg, G Funk available To free download ,Download Nate Dogg G Funk Mp3 Song. G Funk R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14.Warren G LBC. Comment and rate plz my channel got all this album more to come. BUY Instant Delivery Untagged License INFO Price Contact juniorbeatscontact g. 2015 G Funk Entertainment C Purchase Warren G New Single My House Itunes Off his new album Regulate G. 213 Snoop Dogg Nate Dogg Warren G Im Fly. Nate Dogg Me My Homies Artist s Nate Dogg Album G Funk Classics Vol 1 2 Year released 1998 Recorded 1995 1998 Record Label Breakaway Genre West Coast hip hop R B G funk Tracklist. It is the g funk album vol 2 nate dogg Originally planned to also go out at death row records hence the intro or he speaks of this label Nate did finally publish on another label with volume. Slowed by me. Beats coming every week Make sure to subscribe and like Purchase this beat and more eclecticprodz beatstars com CONTACT eclecticproductionz gmail com SOUNDCLOUD. 3rd track of Nate Dogg s first album G Funk Classics Vol 1 The album came out in 1997 after his departure from Death Row Records This track in particular came as an anthem for the subgenre.

View my chanel for the rest of the cd. Collaboration between me and my good friend JunioR Beats I will be uploading a lot more regularly now so prepare yourself for some serious bangers Make sure to subscribe and. R I P Nate Dogg The...