I Dont Wanna Hurt Me Nate Dogg mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: G Funk Mix.

Singers: Nate Dogg.

Released : 17 May, 2011

Duration : 05:44 min

Downloads : 248.94K

Rip Nate Dogg

😢😢😢 i Miss Nate Dog... Closed my eyez for a couple of Minutes and when i AWoke to This Shit-No One Alive Worth Listening To No More. That's Some Bullshit.

89 likes?This is bullshit! You gotta feel this song. Crazy. Respect for being real about the struggle

This is for my lady

Swear nate voice so fly....smh west coast rap needs him back asap or atleast hook kokane some more songs to sing on too!!

os mano original são fã desse cara aí

아~~ 돈 워너 헐 노 모~


Rest in peace Nate Dogg. This song makes me feel so many emotions at the same time. On one side of me I feel happy and smiling since it is such a beautiful song, but on another side of me feel sad because I know what's he saying and me and my family are going through it. It has been some rough times for us the last few years, but we're making it and holding hope and praying to God that our circumstances get better. It also makes me sad that these things are happening to people all around me; some are close relatives and friends. Others are people in the streets, homeless and sick, whom I don't even know. And I feel anger since I wish things would change now, right now. All the pain and hurt I felt in the past 5-7 years, would go away. And I know this is a little bit long and I just wanted to say that to whoever reading this is not alone. Whatever pain or suffering you're going through, whether that is if a loved one passed away, you are sick in bed, just lost your job, a divorce happened, you're poor and don't have much, homeless, or whatever the case may be, just keep your head up and never give up. And if you are Christian, just pray and He will make it happen. Trust and believe. Remember, there is always a rainbow after a rainy day!

I'm having this played in my funeral for sure!

Still tha top dawg nate love bro

Jay Versace brought me here. I'm ashamed I didn't find this sooner. I love me some Nate Dogg. He had the smoothest singing voice in hip hop. I'm still sad he passed away. I know if he was alive right now he probably would've collaborated with so many of these new artists, especially Ty Dolla $ign! #RIP 🙏🏽

All the crazy thing go threw my mind..

This song always gives me chills no matter how many times I listen. Shits deep. Rip Nate Dogg one of the greatest singers in human history

RIP to the best to ever do it

this is real i dont want hurt no more rip nate dog

rip nate from wpls psycho1

Damon nate dogg I knew all along

Damon nate dogg I knew all along

chucha q le salio wena la wea weon

wow....loved the song from the very first moment I had it. I relate to it a lot..#reminds me of someone I love who used to play it every time we together(K.S)

very good soul touching song

de chile yo te lo digo esto es lo mas gansta hiphop no hay mas conchetumare feo culiao old eyes on me tambien sapo culiao no hay ma musica

if I could bring back 1 rapper that passed and kick it withem it would have to be Nate Dogg. his music was filled with melody but I bet he was a real, chill, G ass nigga. idk much about him; bruh stayed strapped tho. real Gangsta. not no showboat, attention seeking, half gay ass nigga. R.I.P OG. U are missed.

creo de aqui salio una musica de daft punk xD que copiones

just for today I focus on me i tryed focusing on others and it just doesn't work. today is is still a good day saints and hopeless others our trying to get there selves seen in a documentary that there starting at the rescue mission of Las Vegas God bless them and all that get to state there mind on the homeless problem in our city Peace to those whom understand in Jesus name we pray amen...

""The Bitterest Tears Shed Over Graves are For Words Left Unsaid and Deeds Left Undone.""RIP Nate Dogg and all the Lost Souls

RIP today

real og this song can play all day I'm cool cuz was the truth!!

I'm not trying to laugh about this song but it's so damn true and I'm like sad as well because I understand and feel it I don't understand why we love to hurt each other... because then later on you make sad and meaningful songs like this which is true and just the only thing you want is the pain to stop and don't wanna hurt no more.

Sometimes I want to give up!!💔🙌

RIP Nate Dogg I wish I could have met him

Damn Buddy we miss You homie. Clarksdale Mississippi lost another diamond. I listen to this song and it makes me feel some type of way. Rest in PEACE my friend and Devil Dog!

always loved this song

smile now cry later

love this song, I will beat the block up with this song rip to Nate Dogg and all the fallen soldiers

love this song, I will beat the block up with this song rip to Nate Dogg and all the fallen soldiers

He must knew & felt it on here no more no more no more RIH this is raw & real!

Damn Nate you had the vibe , still do. Still bringin that raw talent to all us loyal dpg fans. Been bumpin your classics since mr grimm and warren g '92 styles then of course regulators came out and blew up . 2-1-3....Real shit . U collab'd with so many artists east to west and even down south. True G. Hope u and Pac are kickin it . And I have a few homeboys up there unfortunately they checked out early but I know up there in paradise they have all you g's performing live for all the fans. No doubt . 1

love this joint

This song and God gives me a foundation

Don't wanna hurt no more is a classic he was one of our greats

Now u ain't hurtin no more. R I P

47 today, RIP

rip nate dogg.

R.I.P Tha One And Only Nate Dogg.

My favorite Nate Dogg song ever. R.I.P :(

R.I.P Nate Dogg_khayelitsha loves you

i love this song

holy shit this is one of the best songs i've ever heard, once it starts playing my body feels a different sensation, a kind of ecstasy, this is a piece of art.

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I Dont Wanna Hurt Me Nate Dogg Album Mp3 Song.I Dont Wanna Hurt Me song belongs to R And B, I Dont Wanna Hurt Me by Nate Dogg, I Dont Wanna Hurt Me available To free download ,Download Nate Dogg I Dont Wanna Hurt Me Mp3 Song. I Dont Wanna Hurt Me R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14. Nate Dogg These Days Artist s Nate Dogg Album G Funk Classics Vol 1 2 Year released 1998 Recorded 1995 1998 Record Label Breakaway Genre West Coast hip hop R B G funk Tracklist. Intro Xzibit Yeah Time to bring your ass to the table y all It s X to the Z Xzibit Snoop double G uh O G Westcoast Los Angeles Uh bring. THE BIG HOMIE NATE DOGG FREESTYLING DURING A RECORDING SESSION OF ONE OF THE MOST CLASSIC ALBUMS IN MUSIC HISTORY THE CHRONIC BACK IN 1992 OR 1993. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale was an American rapper singer songwriter and actor better known by his stage name Nate Dogg Hale initially began his career as a member of the California rap trio. I Don t Wanna Know by Mario Winans From the album Hurt No More 2004 Directed by Kevin DeFreitas Chris Robinson iTunes Spotify. OPEN FOR LYRICS Like the Facebook page I do not own this song just enjoy it Lyrics Intro Xzibit Yeah Time to bring your ass to the. Nate Dogg I Need Me A Bitch HD with lyrics. Download for free Nate Dogg I Dont Wanna Hurt No More instrumental Nate Dogg I Dont Wanna Hurt No More instrumental. Extract from the l p The Prodigal Son 2000 Performed by Nate Dogg Chorus Just another day Just another day Just.