Kirpa Badi Sikander Ji mp3 song

Categories: Album and Unknown Talent.

Albums: Kirpa Badi.

Singers: Sikander Ji.

Released : 07 Aug, 2017

Duration : 08:22 min

Downloads : 5.82 million

superb.!! so emotional.!! Loved it <3

Maan sahib nu samjna bhut aukha kam aa salute maan sahib

Mai sirf esliye eh song ni dekhda baar baar qki eh mere dil nu pura din rulande e.

Its great video my tears could not stop its great song

exceptionally well sir

i have no word to exprs my emotions.... i think it may be best song ever ....sallute u gurdasman jitusi sachi rab da duja roop howahe guru sabnu chad di kala bakshe

jdon koy kom apna ap bhul jndi hai tan Nirankar us te kher jror panda Guru Gobind j n khe si jab eh kren bipran ki mein n kron in se preet

one of the best shabads and best videos ever made. ULTIMATE COMPOSITION.

harma zade hindu shram nhi ati hindu ko sale kutte

word less

mreee sikh bhaioo apnaa past kbe na bholna ye zulam hua tha tm pee..hindu ke maaa ke khuss mar do

this is not just a song .this story of dheli which hindus kills sikhss ..

Shit songs getting millions of likes. .. and songs like this one. .. i so sad. . Where the youth is going. .. wahe guru. Give us some knowledge ...

Scripted by Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji maharajSool suraahi khanjar piyaalaBinjj kasayiaan da sehna....

That shona shabad aa dekh ke mere hanju nikal gaye

I don't understand why such a beautiful song has so less views. It deserves at least 30-40mil


its written by ..dhan shri guru gobind Singh g

waheguru g sadde sir te apna hath rkho bs. baki ni kuj

o kehre mutter payare

Rooliya diya


Satnam waheguruji Sikh community is very good community Sikh is also protect from mughals Sikh zindabaf

this is a act

great recreation of the real thing what happened in 1984

I don't know why people dislike this shabad

May be hundred times i heared this song ..... Har bar akhan vich hanjo aa janday nay ... Love and respect from lehnda punjab

😯😯😯😯😯Ultimate msg

J eda he piear va ty fer nkodar vali kaber nu sad k 1 rab nu jaad krea kar



क्या बात है 100000 लाइक ज़ीरो की कमी नही सेल्यूट

Very unfortunate that the Sikh Community has to go through such atrocities. Sikhs patriotism, sacrifice & love for the motherland is undisputed in the history of India. Despite this, political violence was committed on them & the nation lost thousands of innocent & patriotic people from the community. Hindu living in any part of this country can never think of killing a Sikh in the name of religion. But very unfortunately it became unimaginable in 1984. Though it was a political violence but fact remains that one faith of the people targeted people of other faith. The politics that started in Punjab in late 1970s & events that unfolded in early 1980s is particularly to be blamed for creating this situation. Extremist from Both communities can blame & counter blame each other to win an argument. But the fact will remain that India, as a nation suffered in 1980s. & I pray that such situations never arise in the glorious chapter of Hindu_Sikh unity.#Waheguru_Ji_Ka_Khalsa, Waheguru_Ji_Ki_Fateh #Hindustan_Zindabad



guro govend nicely gurdas maan nusrat ne best gaya tha

Maan saahb tusi great ho , there is no substitute of yours singing

No words, jst awesome..Made me 😭

tears tumble.... God bless us all....

Love n respect for my Sikh brothers. Jai Hind

Very nice to video.

great ,love every one out there


nothing can be better than this


Sir you are looking very good and you will always be there for us to inspire hats off sir

J kdi panjab di wand na hundi na 1947hunda na 1984 hundi

Maan Saab ....salute aa g....

I have not been able to see this video without tears in my eyes, not even once. Rabb eho jehe din kisse vi kaum nu na dikhave. Sarbat da bhala.

Respect Maan shahab 😢

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Kirpa Badi Sikander Ji

Kirpa Badi by Sikander Ji full Video

Kirpa Badi Sikander Ji Album Mp3 Song. Kirpa Badi song belongs to Unknown Talent, Kirpa Badi by Sikander Ji, Kirpa Badi available To free download ,Download Sikander Ji Kirpa Badi Mp3 Song. Kirpa Badi Unknown Talent released on 2017-08-04 23:17:27.Manu sikander musical group Yamuna nagar 9 6. For Ganesh ji idol pratima and Mata rani idol murti click at link below. Singer Sikander Ji Music Sikander Ji. Rukhi Sukhi Sab Nu Punjabi Devi Bhajan Devotional Song Jai Bala Musi Subscribe Our Channel For More Updates Album Name Aanwa Tere Mandiran Te Singer. ROHIT KAURA 2 06. Video from Jagdish Joshi. Subscribe our channel for more updates Devi Bhajan Mela Maiyya Da Album Name Mela Maiyya Da Singer SALEEM Composer SALIM PARVEZ Lyrics RAJU HARIPURIA. Manu Sikander from Yamuna Nagar Mobile No 59 6. Bansi dhamaka Manu sikander and party yamuna nagar 59 86.

Track Apne Karam Ki Gat Main Kya Jaanu Album Apne Karam Ki Gat Main Kya Jaanu Singer Bhai Harbans Singh Jagadhri Wale Music Director Bhai Harbans Singh Lyricist Traditional Music. Live prom of manu sikander at kerana jai mata ji di. Subscribe our channel for more updates Ganesh Bhajan Ganesh Vandana Ganpati Ji Ganesh Nu Manaiye Album Aj Hai Jagrata Singer Saleem Composer Salim. Singer Prabh Gill Music Desi Routz Lyrics Gurpreet Gill Label PrabhGillMusic To Make SHUKAR DATEYA Ur Callertune For Airtel Call 6363 For Vodafone Call 4. Subscribe Click on duration to play any song Main Balak Tu...