Mishra Piloo Ravi Shankar mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Indias Master Musician.

Singers: Ravi Shankar.

Released : 24 Jan, 2013

Duration : 44:18 min

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Zakir is a legend

incredibly AMAZING !!!!!



Poor presentation....

Two legends, one stage : just awesome

Are they, whore, he wants to play, or come just to sit ?.


At 28:30 that second Sitar player looks like he's unsure what the Thalam's meant to be...

What about playing the guitar in a Jesus band LOL!

Is playing the Sitar much more difficult than playing the Veena? It looks a lot more difficult...

12:43 ; Start from there, rest is just tuning

I was there on that day. He played manjh khamaj, charu kauns and mishra pilu

Although they are great musicians, as a culture, they hadn't moved much beyond droning on in the same chord.

I love it. A group of Indians, playing traditional Indian music (at it's best), with a nice polish boy!

Takes them longer to tune that a symphony orchestra. Maybe they should tune before they come on stage.

Ravi Shankar is a god. So by having children you pass half that on. Anoushka is light-years ahead of her father. The girl can play any style. At any tempo. Anoushka at Carniege: Mishra Pillo is top notch! Bless the Shankar's and you all! 

Very well displayed in semi classical thumri style


Tabla solos were showstoppers, quite literally. The height of creativity

An Indian who I see of an on said to me that he thinks Anoushka Shankar is even better than her father. Listening to this... I can't believe him. Ravi Shakar is as far up as it goes. There is no better. Therefore Anoushka is as good as he his but "better" is just impossible. When you're up the highest mountain, there is no higher to climb.

Off da chain!!!

What sporadic applause ! 


Simply gorgeous, this Raga Piloo in the Mishra Version through the medium of the Genius. In the early eighties, there was a Live performance of this Raga with the other 2 masters, Ali Akbar khan and Alla Rakha, in the same hall. listening to that will give you the taste of the finest possible. Would be wonderful to sees video of that presentation.

Mishra Pilu glorified by Ravi. Brilliant aalaap and magnificent solo by Zakir at 27:18. Wish this concert could happen again.

He is the best gutar player listen to woodstock sexual orgas

Mishra Piloo in Thumri style is not religious, it is romantic!


one life time...

I was at this concert! To this day, I think it was the most religious live music experience I have ever had.

how long does it take to learn sitar

mi gusta!

Guau a esa edad sigue siendo un virtuoso!!

That is Kartik Seshadri a student of Ravi Shankar.

Dat tabla solo.

Rob - I believe it's Teentaal (16 beats).

The genius of this Master can only be appreciated with open-mouthed awe!

Also who is the accompanying sitarist? He sounds wonderful.

For those of wanting to compare giants of music I have one request. Please don't. I play sitar from a different gharana but that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate other gharanas and compare such things. It is not a cock fight but music. Alag Alag Rang Se phool Khilte hai!

What Tala are they using?

i dnt agree. No doubt he was outstanding sitarist. Butwe cant ignore Pt Ravishanka, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Ustad Halim Jaffer Khan. In terms of maturity of approach to raga, laykari, khinchkam, gayaki style etc. everyone has immensely contributed. All were gr8

nikhil benerjee is the god of sitar and rest of all his 5% of creation except ali akbar khan, excuse me if iam wrong

The tuning is not only for the instruments but the audiences' ears as well. Try not to skip it :)

Excellent recording. Reminds us of the other Mishra Pilu played in Carnegie Hall with Ali Akbar Khan sahab while Tabla accompaniment was by Allarakha Khan sahab and Zakir bhai.

In this video, a slight misfortune is that the camera is focused entiredly on Panditji, and we cannot see what Swapan da and Zakir bhai are doing...

tune that thing.....lol

Saw him perform in Toronto in the late 90's. It was incredible. I was so lucky.


Wonderful, but new viewers can skip the first eight minutes - it's just tuning!

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Mishra Piloo by Ravi Shankar full Video

Mishra Piloo Ravi Shankar Album Mp3 Song. Mishra Piloo song belongs to Classical, Mishra Piloo by Ravi Shankar, Mishra Piloo available To free download ,Download Ravi Shankar Mishra Piloo Mp3 Song. Mishra Piloo Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:46:18.Ravi and anoushka shankar together Raga Anandi Kalyan. From the album Three ragas. Acknowledgement The music I am uploading only a few I recorded myself Most are the loving and generous contributions from my dear friends Supravat Mukerjee Sarbari Roy Choudhury Amar. Indrani Mukherjee Vocal Shubh Maharaj Tabla Vinay Mishra Harmonium Live at Ravi Shankar Centre New Delhi 2017. Ravi Shankar Morning Love. Title Ravi Shankar A Morning Raga An Evening Raga Side Track Name 2 Raga Mishra Piloo For more on world music check here Please watch.

Full live concert here Subscribe to our channel for more videos Ravi Shankar Raga Piloo Duet for Violin and Sitar Composed by Ravi Shankar for. Anoushka e Patricia Kopatchinskaja homenageando o incr vel violinista e maestro Yehudi Menuhin Raga Piloo uma pe a musical inclu da no lbum West Meets East vol 2 originalmente. Raga Sindhi Bhairavi 30 46 with Zakir Hussain Alla Rakha From The Concert at Durgapur december 1984 The actual order of the concert is 1 Kaushi Kanada 2 Lalit X 3 Nat Bhairav 4. The beauty of violin is that its sound match with other instruements and gives same effect. This is the 2nd part of this concert recorded live at The Carnegie Hall on...