Ong Namo Snatam Kaur Khalsa mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and Shabad Gurbani.

Albums: Live In Concert.

Singers: Snatam Kaur Khalsa.

Released : 12 Mar, 2010

Duration : 09:49 min

Downloads : 10.79 million

please make a non synthetic version. i don't like this one. it radiates 'giving up'. it should create: transformation into lovebliss

try this,outside,at night in wilderness,,try to emulate tone.speed-thinking of meaning..and see if something magical..happens. I swear-MORE THAN ONCE- I heard the earth breathe..with the wild life around me..becoming part of it too.?/you?

Help this matra heal depressions?



simply beautiful.. Thank you. Peace.

BEAUTIFUL mantra, beautiful voice. thank you for sharing this with the world

Namastê a todos do canal

I listen to this whenever i feel abit lost or sad...its so beautiful & peaceful xxx

I love this music too much






I found it! This resonates immensely!

At the midde of the meditation I found myself rolling my upper body around. And that moment I realized that my right part of the neck and back was aching and with this movement I was tring to relax this stressed areas of my body. Wonderful :)

Mi mantra favoritp, que me da tranquilidad en todos los aspectos


So calming and beautiful thank-you so much!

linda musica


Such a healing voice, Thank you,

Thank you. Namaste💞

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you for taking your time and energy to create this beautiful treat for my soul 💕Namaste💕

recent experiences in my life made me a person pretty pragmatic and somewhat cinic...but somehow this music makes me feel better and day after day I am magnetically driven to it.

I wish.  :)

Snatam Kaur. music / meditations go straight to the heart ....Awesome MariA Dublin Ireland

Estos sonidos invocan las energías del Sol, la Luna, la Tierra y el Espíritu Infinito para traer sanación profunda. Puede ser cantado para sanarte a ti mismo o enviar sanación a cualquier persona que lo necesite.Mantra Completo: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So HungRa significa Sol y nos conecta con la frecuencia que da energía.Ma significa Luna, y nos vuelve más receptivos.Da es la energía de la Tierra, energía que nos enraíza con la Madre, nos da seguridad y fortaleza.Sa es Infinito y mientras lo cantas tu energía se eleva trayendo la energía sanadora del Universo.Al cantar Sa por segunda vez, traes la energía del infinito hacia ti.Say es una manera de honrar al todo. Es como un nombre secreto de Dios.So es la vibración que une.Hung es el Infinito. Es la esencia de la creación.

muito bacana, adorei 😘

puto el que lee

qué significa RAMADASA?


é linguagem da luz?

Sat Nam

Beautiful video my friend:) I also make Meditation videos so i subbed to your channel and also clicked the bell so hopefully we can support each other. Thanks:) I use alot of visuals too and nature sounds!



hola este es un mantra de sanación? Is this a mantra of sanation?


chant 'SoHam' in different speeds for an hour..with eyes closed in padmasanna..you shake mate...you vibrate !! literally !!

Ramadasa has brought me so much joy

Reading Oprah's "What I Know for Sure" and she mentioned this song. I can't stop listening to it.

Samo piękno!!!❤

i have never heard a female voice more beautiful than this. Thank you for sharing

brendini was here after so much time again. thanks.

Sat nam...Thank you so very much


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Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur Khalsa full Video

Ong Namo Snatam Kaur Khalsa Punjabi Mp3 Song.Ong Namo song belongs to Shabad Gurbani, Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur Khalsa, Ong Namo available To free download ,Download Snatam Kaur Khalsa Ong Namo Mp3 Song. Ong Namo Shabad Gurbani released on 03 Aug 2017.Translation Raa Sun Maa Moon Daa Earth Saa Impersonal infinity Saa Say Totally of infinity So Personal sense of merger and identity Hung The infinite vibrating and real This song. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo version de Snatam Kaur Un pr cieux cadeau de 4 personnes extraordinaires pour le d part de Annie et Yantsi fondateurs de en Asie pour. Snatam Kaur 12 de abril teatro Coliseo Argentina 2016. Music By Snatam Kaur Khalsa Guru Ganesha Singh I bow my head to GOD and GOD took all of me her Angelic Voice truly touches the Heart and connects every one with Divine Creator of this. Ong Namo Snatam Kaur Oh my Beloved Kindness of the Heart Breath of Life I bow to You And I m coming home And I m coming home And I m coming home And I m coming home Ong namo guru dev namo. Ya disponible para descargar la discograf a completa en formato mp3 para disfrutarla cuando quieras y donde quieras desde este enlace Espera cinco segundos la publicidad. Ong Namo Snatam Kaur Khalsa Om Wahe Guru Premi Bai Lucy Luz todo mi Amor yet from Brasil Bendiciones en el Santo Nombre En Eterno Amor y Luz Te Recomiendo. Ong Namo Snatam Kaur Lyrics The rain is pouring down Like all the souls you sent here Coming to this earth To find healing Mother earth...