Stranded The Walkmen mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: Lisbon.

Singers: The Walkmen.

Released : 19 Jan, 2014

Duration : 04:33 min

Downloads : 26.88K


Why do you claim this is the official music video when it isn't?

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Stranded Lyrics

Throw another dime in me my friend
And I'll sing a song I know for thee
You don't want me
You can tell me
I'm the bigger man here
Oh it's true
You're all prettier now
Than the last time
But the words aren't coming through
And I'm stranded and I'm starry-eyed

Oh why, won't you wash out of me

There's broken glass all around my feet
Laid my plans so carelessly
What's the story
With my old friends
Drunk and lonely
To a man
How I love 'em all
As the days slip by
And they're all following my lead

Oh why, does the rain fall o'er
When I'm stranded and I'm starry-eyed

Stranded by The Walkmen full Video

Stranded The Walkmen Album Mp3 Song.Stranded song belongs to R And B, Stranded by The Walkmen, Stranded available To free download ,Download The Walkmen Stranded Mp3 Song. Stranded R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:56:27.I do not own anything just uploaded it cause nobody had till now. The Walkmen perform Stranded at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on 11 13 2009. Final and best track off of Lisbon This song deserves to be on YouTube NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This song composed by The Walkmen was used in the black action comedy drama film Seven Psychopaths 2012 The Walkmen were an indie rock band with members based in New York City and Philadelph. Subscribe for more The Walkmen In the new year live at Bowery Ballroom June 7th 2012 On June 7th 2012 the Walkmen celebrated their 10th birthday at the Bowery. Directed by Sean Pecknold Produced by Urban Outfitters Read an interview with the director and see behind the scenes photos at The Walkmen The. Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago on August 6 2010 From the album Lisbon.

The insanely good I Lost You from the album You Me issued in 2008 mixed together with some old tornado footage. Stranded by The Walkmen from the Seven Psychopaths original soundtrack I do not own this song nor the original soundtrack I bought the soundtrack but not the rights to it. The Walkmen play Stranded at Chicago Theatre opening for Fleet Foxes on Friday September 30 2011. Listen Crystal Stilts RSM Tribute LP I m really really. Live...