Vathapi Ganapathim Kadri Gopalnath mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jugalbandhi.

Albums: Best Of Kadri Gopalnath & Narasimhalu.

Singers: Kadri Gopalnath.

Released : 14 Feb, 2014

Duration : 17:07 min

Downloads : 186.32K

terrific, tremendous, adhbutham!

A western instrument for eastern delight.


I like this

Very good

its really nice

i am in love with saxaphone that too kadri gopalnath it is so sweet

very nice


badarin10gmail com

I like this instrument. I always hear the carnatic music through this instrument.

A saxophone is a superb instrument. Reminds me a song of Mukesh. Yahudi probably.

Great music


good sound

good sound


very nice this is the power of music regards Dr.GVR SHASTRI, PhD IIT DELHI


Superb performance. The more you listen to this music, the more you would like to listen it again. Unparalleled.


All time good!

best performance

bit surprising that something wrong with the violin pitch..completely off from the saxophone pitch..or may be it's just me... :) 

Best.marvalous. presents bestkeerthanai

best music and kerthanam

Super performanceSalaamsGod bless the Artist Shri Kadri Gopalnath and his teamthanksKasturi

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Vathapi Ganapathim by Kadri Gopalnath full Video

Vathapi Ganapathim Kadri Gopalnath Album Mp3 Song.Vathapi Ganapathim song belongs to Jugalbandhi, Vathapi Ganapathim by Kadri Gopalnath, Vathapi Ganapathim available To free download ,Download Kadri Gopalnath Vathapi Ganapathim Mp3 Song. Vathapi Ganapathim Jugalbandhi released on 2017-08-03 07:09:11.Uploaded without any commercial intentions or monetary benefit mainly for educating new entrants by providing visuals for better appreciation and for listening pleasure. Popular content related to Kadri Gopalnath Hamsadhvani. Where the saxophone speaks Maestro Kadri Gopalnath is an excellent album of Carnatic Music This album of Kadri Gopalnath is a classic and soulful example of Carnatic Music Instrumental Kadri. A Great Master piece rendered by Kadri Gopalnath on Lord Ganesh released in 2000 In this fusion album named Dream Journey Kadri Gopalnath performs with his wonderful Team. Listen to JUGALBANDI Saxophone Clarionet Sung by JUGALBANDI Saxophone Clarionet This Jukebox Includes 3 Musical Tracks Click Here to Share on Facebook Album. Jugalbandi Performance Download Listen on iTunes. Saxophone Indian Carnatic Music uploaded in HD at. Presenting you Harivarasanam a classical instrumental music from Saxophone Alaipayuthe Album Saxophone Alaipayuthe Produced By Baiju C A Song Name Harivarasanam Composer Traditional.

Listen to Saxophone and Thavil Classical Instrumental Music Kadri Gopalnath and A K Palanivel Raja Raja Aradithe 00 03 Adukaradhuni 06...